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Long Windbreaker Women's Style Coat

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Windbreaker with a Style: You know that windbreaker you have that is just way too big for you? It's time to say goodbye with this trendy, fashionable, and comfortable jacket. The Long Section Windbreaker Fashion Jacket is perfect for the girl who likes to be stylish without sacrificing warmth. We've designed with a flattering silhouette in mind, so it will always look good on your body no matter what size or shape you are! This windbreaker features embroidery stitching and is available in pink and blue. It's the most comfortable jacket you'll ever buy.

Versatile and durable: You’ll love this windbreaker's quality cotton and polyester material that is tough and durable yet lightweight and weather resistant. This jacket can be worn for any occasion – from a date to the park, to an office, school, or even a walk down the street. You will look fashionable and stylish with this long-section windbreaker jacket.


  • Material: cotton
  • Style: Commute
  • Colour: pink, blue
  • Features: Embroidery stitching

Size Information

Size Length Chest Sleeve Shoulder Waist
M 98cm / 38.6in 91cm / 35.8in 56cm / 22.0in 36cm / 14.2in 78cm / 30.7in
L 98cm / 38.6in 95cm / 37.4in 56cm / 22.0in 37cm / 14.6in 82cm / 32.3in
XL 98cm / 38.6in 99cm / 39.0in 57cm / 22.4in 38cm / 15.0in 86cm / 33.9in
2XL 100cm / 39.4in 103cm / 40.6in 57cm / 22.4in 39cm / 15.4in 90cm / 35.4in
3XL 100cm / 39.4in 107cm / 42.1in 58cm / 22.8in 40cm / 15.7in 94cm / 37.0in